20 Cool and Stylish Facebook Covers

Ever since Facebook introduced its Timeline interface in 2012, the popularity of covers was like nothing else. From flowers up to live DJ covers, everything was met in the profiles of creative persons. However, what’s really important about these covers is to match up your personality.

If you love vibrant colors and patterns, then you’ll definitely find some cool FB covers in our collection to match your tastes. We have everything from bokeh photo and up to leaves patterns, which you can grab entirely free of charge. Simply select the background cover which you think would best suit your personality, download it and set it as your main profile cover straight from your Facebook page.

Bokeh Facebook Cover

Bokeh Facebook Cover

Luxurious Upholstery

Luxurious Upholstery Facebook Cover

Watercolor Circles

Watercolor Circles Facebook Cover


Feathers Facebook Cover

Colorful Light Streams

Colorful Light Streams Facebook Cover

Ornamental Facebook Cover

Ornamental Facebook Cover

Metallic Grid

Metallic Grid Facebook Cover

Mint Green Chevron

Mint Green Chevron

Curved Chevron Stripes

Curved Chevron Stripes Facebook Cover

High heels

High Heels Facebook Cover

Anchor Facebook Cover

Anchor Facebook Cover

Abstract Lines HD

Abstract Lines HD Facebook Cover

Purple Glitter HD

Purple Glitter Facebook Cover

Fancy Floral

Fancy Floral Facebook Cover

Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Facebook Cover

Green Leaves

Green Leaves Facebook Cover

Colorful Floral

Colorful Floral Facebook Cover

Baby Wear

Baby Wear Facebook Cover

Retro Circles

Retro Circles Facebook Cover

Vintage Polka Dot

Vintage Polka Dot Facebook Cover

Seamless patterns are the latest trend when it comes to Facebook covers, for one due to the fact that easily grab someone’s look but also due to the positive mood they induce. Therefore, regardless whether you’re looking for stripes, polka dot, or retro-style backgrounds, we have them all right here. All you need to do is select one of the 20 cool Facebook covers above and let our artwork do the rest!

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  1. Derron says:

    Love the backgrounds. Have bookmarked your site to take a better look at later.

  2. Melissa Tholen says:

    Beautiful art work.

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