Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated September 23, 2013

General questions

[engine_collapsibles] [engine_collapse title=”Q: I really like a pattern I found on your site, can you make some adjustments for me?” state=””] A: Unfortunately we do not offer customization services at this time. [/engine_collapse] [/engine_collapsibles]

[engine_collapsibles] [engine_collapse title=”Q: How often do you add new content?” state=””] A: Usually multiple times a month. Click on “Recently Added” link in the backgrounds menu to see the new stuff. [/engine_collapse] [/engine_collapsibles]

[engine_collapsibles] [engine_collapse title=”Q: Do you accept submissions from other graphic designers?” state=””] A: Currently we don’t have any pattern from other designers but we would love to see your suggestions. If accepted, we would be happy to link back to your site. [/engine_collapse] [/engine_collapsibles]

[engine_collapsibles] [engine_collapse title=”Q: Why the backgrounds are so small?” state=””] A: They have to be tiled horizontally and vertically to fill the area. In Photoshop you can fill a large area with a seamless pattern. For websites, use CSS to repeat the pattern with the background-repeat Property. [/engine_collapse] [/engine_collapsibles]

[engine_collapsibles] [engine_collapse title=”Q: This website is great, how can I thank you?” state=””] A: Thanks for asking, the greatest thing you can do is link back to and share our content on social media by using share buttons. [/engine_collapse] [/engine_collapsibles]

[engine_collapsibles] [engine_collapse title=”Q: Is link back required for the personal use of the content on the site?” state=””] A: For personal use link back is not required but appreciated. 🙂 [/engine_collapse] [/engine_collapsibles]

Technical issue

[engine_collapsibles] [engine_collapse title=”Q: How to install a pattern (.pat) in Photoshop?” state=””] A: This tutorial will guide you through the procedure to install a Photoshop pattern in Photoshop CS5. [/engine_collapse] [/engine_collapsibles]

[engine_collapsibles] [engine_collapse title=”Q: How to save and install a background on my iPad?” state=””] A: This tutorial will guide you through the full procedure to save images from the web and change the wallpaper in your iPad (ios 6). [/engine_collapse] [/engine_collapsibles]

[engine_collapsibles] [engine_collapse title=”Q: How to tile a background with CSS for my website?” state=””] A: By default, a background is repeated both vertically and horizontally by using this simple line of code: body {background-image:url('image-URL.png');} Replace image-url.png with the exact URL of the image on your server. Read more about CSS background-image property here. [/engine_collapse] [/engine_collapsibles]

[engine_collapsibles] [engine_collapse title=”Q: Can I use your material for my print projects?” state=””] A: Yes you can, but it is recommended to use our vector patterns for optimal results. You may want to read more about image resolution and dots per inch. [/engine_collapse] [/engine_collapsibles]

[engine_collapsibles] [engine_collapse title=”Q: My Twitter background has not been updated with the Auto Install button. What should I do now? ” state=””] A: Sometimes Twitter API is busy and some request can be ignored. Try again, and refresh your screen by hitting the F5 key on your keyboard. If you still experiment problems, please contact us [/engine_collapse] [/engine_collapsibles]


Copyright & license

[engine_collapsibles] [engine_collapse title=”Q: Can I redistribute your backgrounds on my website?” state=””] A: No, absolutely not. It is not allowed to redistribute our material or make them available for download on other websites. Share the preview images with others and please link back to Background Labs and redirect users to the original page to download files. [/engine_collapse] [/engine_collapsibles]

[engine_collapsibles] [engine_collapse title=”Q: Can I use your patterns in themes or templates I make and sell on other sites?” state=””] A: Yes you can. You have to credit in your theme description and source code. [/engine_collapse] [/engine_collapsibles]

[engine_collapsibles] [engine_collapse title=”Q: Do you have a commercial license program available where we would pay an annual license fee in-order to use all your images?” state=””] A: Not currently. We might consider this in the future. [/engine_collapse] [/engine_collapsibles]